Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering

Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering
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Server Side Protection against Cross Site Request Forgery using CSRF Gateway

Jaya Gupta and Suneeta Gola

The E-Commerce and Social Media has become the new identity for millions of users across the globe. Ease of services for Shopping, Travel, Internet Banking, Social Media, chat and collaboration Apps etc. have become part of one’s life where these identities have name, media content, confidential notes, business projects and credit cards. Convenience and connections brings the ease of connectivity and services so does come the concerns related to unauthorized usage and fraudulent transactions that could be lead to loss of money, time, emotions and even life. Web defacement, fake accounts, account hijacking, account lock and unavailability of services has become a common online news and distress for many. There are different Web Attacks and exploits that have sprung up with time and usage for different type of illegal actions performed everyday online. Cross Site Request Forgery Attack is one of the Web top 10 exploited attacks for the past 5 years (Source OSWAP) which can maliciously exploit online services, where unauthorized actions are performed by the fraudulent user on behalf of a trusted and authenticated account for website. It forces the victim user to perform some unauthorized activity on behalf of attacker request. This research work focuses on a new Hybrid strategy that will enhance the server side protection against CSRF attacks. CSRF Gateway, is the proposed solution which provides the Server Side protection against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attack.