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Forest Research: Open Access
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Sensible and Latent Heat Storage Fluxes within the Canopy Air-Space in the Amazon Rainforest

Vicente de P. R. da Silva, Rafaela S. R. Almeida, Vanessa de A. Dantas, Antonio C. L. da Costa, Vijay P. Singh and Glayson F. B. das Chagas

Ecosystem–atmosphere exchanges of energy display considerable variability over a range of temporal and spatial scales. This study evaluated the seasonal and annual variations in sensible and latent heat storage fluxes within the canopy air-space in the Amazon rainforest. The data for this study were obtained from the “Long-term drought impact on water and carbon dioxide fluxes in Amazonian Tropical Rainforest Experiment (ESECAFLOR)” which is a subproject of Large Scale Biosphere Atmosphere Experiment in Amazon forest (LBA), carried out in terra firma rainforest in Caxiuanã National Forest, Pará, Brazil. The data sets also included observations to obtain the sensible and latent heat storage fluxes within forest collected throughout the 1-year period. The vapor pressure and air temperatures were obtained for each 8 m interval from the surface to 32 m. Results indicated that the cumulative sensible heat storage flux in the Amazon rainforest canopy was 167.9 Wm-2 in 2008 and the average daily magnitude was always low for the same period. The latent heat storage flux (ranging from -32.7 to -10 Wm-2) was more influenced by rainfall producing high humidity.