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Semen of Beluga, Huso huso: Ionic Content and Osmolality of Seminal Plasma and Their Physiological Correlation with Sperm Motility Indices

Mohammad Sadegh Aramli, Rajab Mohammad Nazari, Mohammad Reza Kalbassi and Salim Aramli

The ionic contents and osmolality of seminal plasma of beluga spermatozoa to determine and their physiological relationship with sperm motility characteristics (total duration of sperm motility and percentage of motile cell) were studied. The results obtained show that Na+ (82.54 ± 5.46 mM L-1), Cl- (15.95 ± 0.72 mM L-1) and K+ (3.57 ± 0.15 mM L-1) were predominant ions in the seminal plasma. The osmolality of seminal plasma ranged from 57 to 93 mOsm kg-1. Significant positive correlations were observed between osmolality vs. Na+ (p<0.01) and Cl- (P<0.05) and Na+ vs. Cl- (P<0.05). No significant correlations were found between sperm motility and others composition of the seminal plasma. Probably, the Na+ and Cl- are the main electrolytes playing a key role in maintaining the osmolality of the seminal plasma and the viability of the spermatozoa in vivo. However analysis of ionic contents of the seminal plasma revealed some species-specific characteristics especially for K+ which is important because of its inhibitory effect on sperm motility. Results of the present study provide new data on beluga spermatozoa quality and can be utilized for successful reproduction management and cryopreservation protocols of this endangered species.