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Seeing The Unseen : Preventive Prosthodontics : Use Of Overlay Removable Dental Prosthesis

Kalpana.C, Vamsi Prasad.K

Preventive prosthodontics emphasizes the importance of any procedure that can delay or eliminate future prosthodontic problems. In the past when patients presented themselves as candidates for a denture with teeth that were badly broken down with periodontal involvement or without the ability to financially support an extensive restorative treatment, those teeth were extracted that could have been retained under more favourable conditions. Retention of the roots of one or more teeth for overdenture offers the patient a lot of advantages like better stability, proprioception, support among a few. The following case report focuses on the merits of using anterior teeth as overdenture abutments to aid in increasing stability of the long span kennedy class IV design removable dental prosthesis.

Published Date: 2010-12-31;