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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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SDE Model for Wave Propagation Prediction in Complex Environments

Lu Guizhen and Cao Zhi

The accurate prediction for wave propagation field is very important in wireless communication, which can improve the quality in the wireless communication. However, the field prediction in complex environments is a not easy problem. In order to improve the accuracy of field prediction, many methods are presented. The stochastic differential (SDE) method is presented to study the wave propagation in the complexed environment. First, the SDE model is constructed for the wave propagation. Then the simulation parameters in the SDE model are explained and determined to improve the loss prediction of wave propagation. The field experiment is performed in the Guomao and Xijiao area in Beijing. The SDE method is used to analyze the experiment data. The simulation is performed and the simulation results show the SDE model can give more reasonable prediction for the complexed propagation environment.