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Journal of Geology & Geophysics
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Reservoir Subdivision and Prediction of Poisson's Ratio According to Wireline Data (Hawaz Reservoir, Libya): Case Study

Bahia M Ben Ghawar and Fathi S Elburas

Critical property that affects wellbore stability, perforation depths and hydraulic fracturing is Poisson’s Ratio (PR). Porosity and resistivity are the main petrophysic properties routinely are measured for any reservoir rock. In this approach utilize wireline data (GR, R, Øn and ρb) to classify shaly reservoir and predicate PR values. Therefore, range of shale content (over 20%) has PR over 0.2. while shale content (less than 20%) equivalent to PR equal to 0.18. According to variety of shale content percentage throw up change of PR values. This technique applied on one of major shaly sand reservoir rock, producer in Libyan oil fields, Hawaz at Murzuq basin, south-west of Libya; as a case study.

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