Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods

Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods
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ISSN: 2168-9784


Research Exploit from Bench and Shelve to Real Life Application

Manly Sani

Findings prowess of young researchers and seniors appears to have been halted by feudal policies of established global governments or academic institutions which by all manner of means make uselessness of time and effort allotted to the research enterprise during conduct of high quality research, lack of political will or technocrats petulance attitude in research institutions have evolved arrays of paper works of applicable research on shelves or on benches in store room, libraries and offices, given the magnitude of global problems and limited number of solutions, these ideas should be transformed to usable forms.

The review considers, benefits of applicable research, factors that militate against research transformation from paper work to pragmatic output in government or private sector, again apt policy frame work that could give impetus to researchers at local and international faced of academic or company base research enterprise was suggested in lieu of reoccurring unending problems of mankind, presumably, effective assimilation of these institutionalized redundant contributions to the very fabric of glaring glaciers of societal problems, may in passing, create egalitarian social structure, for assuredly.

I hasten not to posit that, solutions in the “stored” redundant research works are the mainstay of equitable resource distribution, this is true, if by logical verbosity, solutions in them turn resources scarcity to resource abundant, it could be surmised that all of mankind struggle consist in plethora resources, resource lack or abundance at any given period in time, consequently I show by review, measures needed to justify time, money, and energy invested in the research conduct so as to diminished societal problems to barest minimum and turn research reports to real life applicable tools.