Research Exploit from Bench and Shelve to Real Life Application
Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods

Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods
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Review Article - (2015) Volume 0, Issue 0

Research Exploit from Bench and Shelve to Real Life Application

Manly Sani*
Ahmadu Bello University, Abuja, Nigeria
*Corresponding Author: Manly Sani, Ahmadu Beloo University Zaria, Abuja, Nigeria, Tel: 2347067151787 Email:


Findings prowess of young researchers and seniors appears to have been halted by feudal policies of established global governments or academic institutions which by all manner of means make uselessness of time and effort allotted to the research enterprise during conduct of high quality research, lack of political will or technocrats petulance attitude in research institutions have evolved arrays of paper works of applicable research on shelves or on benches in store room, libraries and offices, given the magnitude of global problems and limited number of solutions, these ideas should be transformed to usable forms.

The review considers, benefits of applicable research, factors that militate against research transformation from paper work to pragmatic output in government or private sector, again apt policy frame work that could give impetus to researchers at local and international faced of academic or company base research enterprise was suggested in lieu of reoccurring unending problems of mankind, presumably, effective assimilation of these institutionalized redundant contributions to the very fabric of glaring glaciers of societal problems, may in passing, create egalitarian social structure, for assuredly.

I hasten not to posit that, solutions in the “stored” redundant research works are the mainstay of equitable resource distribution, this is true, if by logical verbosity, solutions in them turn resources scarcity to resource abundant, it could be surmised that all of mankind struggle consist in plethora resources, resource lack or abundance at any given period in time, consequently I show by review, measures needed to justify time, money, and energy invested in the research conduct so as to diminished societal problems to barest minimum and turn research reports to real life applicable tools.

Keywords: Research Redundancy; Real Life Applicable Research; Government and Private Sector Attitude to Research Report; Research Exploit Vastness; Factors Militating Against Research


The critical role of academic institution in research output can never be stressed, given the overwhelming research benefits which accrues to all facets of the society, perhaps it could be rightly and confidently assert that unprecedented progress witness in all aspect of mankind endeavors’ are attributable to unwavering diligent research effort, which researchers have shown since the formalization of tertiary education, whereas in past research aims and objective interlace squarely with real life application, and adducible reason being that simplistic nature of research ensured close association of result with real life application, and again in the past, research were carried out to satisfy certain immediate need of the society as they arise, in addition as obtained nowadays, anticipatory policy frame work that will deal with new incidence of general societal problems such as biomedical, environmental, social and security issues, in this wise, outbreak of epidemic, health research, flooding, land slide and disaster due to climatic changes, sociopolitical unrest, economic hardship among others, the recent changes in modus operandi of most academic institution and government attitude toward research issues as well as complex characteristic of research work nowadays, have lead to dichotomous outcome as far as research result and data are concern, evidently, real life applicable research and inconclusive research with which academic qualification can be obtained have essential values applicable to modern day challenges, on continuous bases, the minute research products are assimilated into the societal well being façade marred by many problems, not withstanding the number, deep and diffuse nature of global problems which cannot be solved by no manner of means other than the ones provided by research, inept policy had been directed toward research and research institutions by global governments, the albatross of assimilation of vital research products by society is redundancy of research report in high institution or in research institution, worriedly the society is bedevil by many problems, overpowering ones are natural disaster like hurricane, tornadoes, earth quake, landslide etc for till date there are no media by which their incidence can be averted, it is vital that research output are not leave to storage decadence, instead huge research record in high institutions should be put to experiments bordering applied research, despite their pure research nature, moreover some aren’t pure research at all, they are actually applied research done in an inconclusive manner.

Research Benefits are Countless

The remuneration of research to mankind could be said to have peak in 21st century, [1] show that many program abound for research input, also numerous discovery and invention of impeccable quality have been roll out steadily, scientific and technological research enterprise rapaciously have redefine standard of living in 21st century, from biomedical to biotechnology, from agriculture to engineering, space exploration to geogphysical mining, construction to domestic appliance and from warfare military hardware to well polish furniture in diplomatic buildings and other plethora of manmade tools, gamut of improvement have been seen ,what more! The once explicate natural surrounding variables, which previously defy mankind manipulative innate aptitude could now be control, some of which are channel to productive uses, apt examples include but not limited to geothermal heat which encompass home and industrial heat sources, by research dams were created on annual basses for water preservation and power generation, also numerous array of wind vane which gives clean environmentally friendly energy were created and developed by research, interestingly, research have enable artificial making of rainfall, a spectacular processes called rainfall insinuation, capable of dealing with drought effect if done properly, indeed research have changed information technology, communication medium have assume new forms, internet enable computer and attractive mobile phone which gives splendid feeling, miniature electronics and electrical gadgets with high performance calibers, interior decoration and design of fine cloth invariably encompass few among the magnanimous benefits and reward, research venture lavishly give human beings, for their emancipation from shackles of primitive life.

Agricultural revolution transcend, in a manner off meticulous assessment, well beyond gene manipulation for production of approved edible palatable genetically modified food items, to an auspicious level of automated monitoring of crop and animal husbandry, in this regard, perhaps predictably, future outlook could be put as follows “robotic agriculture” where robots could be use to treat, rear, and grow crops and animals for domestic consumption, research diffusion across fast increasing number of developing nations could step down the cost of robotic engineering [2] reported that low cost robotic design abound.

Biotechnological principles are currently used in production of highly refined drugs for treatment of aliment, these drug are prescribe in many ways [3], Biotechnology has enable production of biofuel [4] which represent best alternative to fossil fuels, latter also have been consumed by the extraordinary hurricane of research, so that catalytic cracking ensures molecular rearrangement of hydrocarbon chain, there and then, the end research result in improve octane number suitable for most fuel required by highly researched and regularly improved automobile engine, latter also is a feat attained by research effort of combine teams of electrical, mechanical, chemical, and civil engineers respectively, who, again, through research ensures proper working of the electrical circuit, effective compression of piston, availability of glowing paint and the test of strength of materials used in road construction, so that human beings can comfortably, at desired speed “locomate” up and down the high ways to the their long distance destinations. Again, through research unquestionably, incontrovertible rewards of natural resources were exploited. Most of which pre-empt and allay the fears of ancient inventors, who also through research invented motor, trains, planes and tricycles, a clear case is the crude oil cracking [5].

Currently, it is possible to visualized most rock sedimentary arrangement without the use of explosive or sonar devices, all were achieved through research, the enormous benefit of crude oil to nations with good governance is beyond the spoken word, in Arabian peninsula unprecedented petro dollar wonder lead to emergence of wonder city just within a decade [6] what a great glorious research reward. Again the oil were discovered by methods developed by research effort [7] so also is the good governance which makes attainment of the stable prosperous society a reality.

In biochemical and allied fields, the reward of research are truly Nulli secondus in that the following; improved health practice, purified efficacious drug, effective treatment methods, epidemiological management of disease out breaks, balanced nutrition for healthy living, exercise and enlightment on health risk factors, vaccines for protection against pathogens and significant others also constitute great contribution of research to the betterment of humanity, additionally, research medium remains the only arsenal policy makers, individuals, and organized private health sector could wield against outbreak of diseases (TB, HIV/AIDS and recently Ebola viral disease EVD) that threaten human existence, again by research WHO discover killer diseases and as a result declare effort to contain them a global emergency [8] the internal and external aggression right from time immemorial has been essentially a dramatic true acid test, which in all sense of unbiased premise could be use to exhaustively know or determine the formidable extent of security apparatus of any nation, war is inevitable, the reward of research here include various weapons of high calibers such as missiles ,armored tank, Uzzi, and again the atomic bomb which end WWII was obtained by research [9], although lives were lost in the said war but it ended nevertheless owing to research brainstorming, again in the war, research aided ability to decipher cryptographic coded messages, nowadays cyber war is a global phenomena, by research encrypted code are decodevand valuable information accessed, current use of robot to defuse detonates (bombs) was arrived at by research effort, in politics, humanity, law and art research have clean the society of barbaric behaviors, inchoate offences, lawlessness and global existence of pariah state, these had been the epitome of subjugation of societal cohesion, again societal stratification and societal organization mangled with invented item have change lifestyle and living standard and eventually make all and sundry civilized, the so called but endearing civilization which give birth to civil societies is also a by-product of research, laws are created to determine the structural working of the societal sectors and absolutely, by law society could be governed, nowadays constitutional amendment or creation of new ones requires input of learned experts whose guru experience has been sharpened actually by their exposure, through research, to voluminous books, the books also come to be through research so that administrative structures benefited from research.

In truth, the limited space of profit making in financial or capital market or business world per se would mean contentious brutal competition not devoid of homicides would have been uncommon in business arena, but research has rewarded , immensely corporate business out fit with ingenious long list tips for marketing of products intelligently, in fact competitive double edge highly profitable business strategy or business secret or business plan adopted by potential competitors could be dug out by research, another popular reward of research to business world is branding and patent right for by research attractive brand are created, and essentially strong brand often translate into frequent purchase by client or customers. Additionally, in show biz industry and the society at large, entertainers and ordinary citizens life had been transformed from underdog to super star status, and of course may talents and gifts of nature existed in raw forms, but by research reward they were develop, polished and refined, in spite of the magnanimous benefits and reward of research as already mentioned, worrisomely also, one of the dual pattern of research activities in tertiary institution shows a situation where research are conducted mainly in acquisition of academic qualification without commiserate real life application in mind, and most researchers end applied research inconclusively, in the hope that future research effort will address unresolved issues in the research work, evidently, recommendation, conclusion sections of most undergraduate and post graduate research show that students and researchers conduct research in inconclusive way as far as real life application of research is concern, but they are not to be blame at all, given that it is legally acceptable to do so, however, cursory look at magnitude of global problems, amendment of research law need be done by research institutions so that applied research may have real life application. Again in developing countries, problems of lack of fund [10], expertise and equipment [11] account majorly for output of inconclusive research as shown subsequently.

Lack of Funds

Most undergraduate and postgraduate students hardly accessed grant or research scholarship, expensive research protocol is beyond their meager means which can’t even buy serum in sufficient quantity and consequently research work stop once the materials is finished, evidently point at how unprepared fund starved researchers can be, in some instance the result of the researched data are tempered with to suit a particular statistical package, in developed nation access to research fund is inundated by competition and stringent laws even if the research proposal is viable, another drawback of fund inadequacy is absence of joint enterprise between the researcher and prospecting business outfit like reputable drug company or health institution.

Lack of Research Equipments

Another factor is lack of research equipment, research work can never be smoothly conducted without complicated and complex equipment, in fact high quality research output in any research institution depend on the abundance of research equipment found in the institution, poor inaccurate research work usually are found in institution with poor research infrastructure, contributions from such institution are ephemerally low, for at the institution, when course work, thesis or dissertation requires research work prior award of a degree, execution of research precede such advice as “don’t delve into this area, it is beyond the scope of your research “ most supervisors guidance and counsel entails that research should not go beyond stages in which theirs is lack of equipment, definitely the counsel of this semblance do not emanate from disposition marred by prejudice however the sharpness of the research skills of the researcher depend of level of exposure to previous research conducted by them, and again in most research institution in developing and developed countries, equipment availability and equipment access during research had never been 100%, for mainly the specialize nature of these institution most often than not foreclose acquisition of equipment notwithstanding the unaccounted extra fund which accrue to the institution account from budget surplus, it occur to me that specialized nature of academic institution should not masked, deliberately, the fact of existence of need for multidiscipline(multiple field) knowledge as bedrock for quality research output, meaning that bureaucratic administrators who pilot the affairs of these peculiar institution should, through interactive sections determine research areas where these gab could pose problems for research under taking, it is notable that collaborative research effort with researchers from other field could be sort, but their contribution may be limited if the rudiment and most important complex aspect of the research is not grasp comprehensively, this also substantiate the claims that specialization in academic circle is not absolute in itself, along the line of research implementation, input from other fields may not only be required but also determine the validity of the final result, in most instance, smart accountable, sincere researchers endowed with foresight usually by pass this hurdles, leaving the research outcome inconclusive and next statement which precedes the last chapter are captured in quip manner as follow “the future research will complete the void section of the research work” and unfortunately it remains so waiting for the future and assuredly at times, the future doeth come, but it often span decades or even centuries thereby delay progress in research endeavor, the work of Greggor Mendel which was rediscovered several decades after acceptance phobia obscure it, as a point in case, bears testimony to this assertion, formalized education have impose some limits to richness of research data or ideas, given that it takes advance qualification nowadays to confer on research work requisite credibility that will readily warrant it acceptance by pertinent academic authority, journal nowadays hardly accept novel ideas from undergraduate, true the standard should be raise, however the point here is that there should be room or specialized journal(to include undergraduate student segment in journals) for bachelor degree holders, so that the ideas will not only be at best published but also acceptable, in spite valid proof, unfathomable controversy for advance qualification remains, though justifiable reasonable, a misinterpreted yard stick is acceptance of academically tested and proven ideas, models, or theories, consequently researchers especially undergraduate, and at times post graduate (M Sc), are overwhelm by these fear, so that new ideas or revolutionary novel models or theory are neither advanced nor tested, despite absence of solutions required to solve the nagging problems of the world, again the predictable consequences is inconclusive research or adoption of slightly modified research work in so far as the desired qualification could be obtained, the claim for ‘qualification prior acceptance’ structural adjustment owing advancement had caused academic enclave should be sustained only if work published by advance qualification holders have not been tattered by errors and at time lack of credibility.

Time Constrain

Time have always been overlooked factors in research completion, although the dependence of completion of investigation varies with nature and design of the findings, most finding stipulate time frame within which lab work and field work as well as result analysis will be accomplished, supervisor schedules, in addition to actual type of research determine span of time frame of research conduct, biomedical research bordering neuroregeneration for instance, would need timeframe not less than 3 to 6 months [12], howbeit, looking at research scenario from broad perspective, a factor of time constrain pose by rigorous academic class work or other schedules of a typical researcher, most time, culminate in output of inconclusive open-ended research work, in applied research executed by final year undergraduate students, and/or in post graduate or post doctoral studies. Fortuitously, for these researchers, scholarly school of thought are as vast and expanse as the ocean, researchers need not cross the ocean, they need to swim and stop about 10 feet from the deeper part of academic knowledge and schools of thought, example a researcher who decides to embark on applied research may use the topic “role of gluthanthion in aging” may simply chose gluthanthion and cell membrane interaction to merely show how impaired integrity of cell membrane could causes rapid aging, and not at lowest cost, show how the aging mediators (molecular perspective) could be circumvented in clinical setting, rather important detail which need further investigation make finding truly applied are abandoned in hope that subsequent research will address the issue, and again the subsequent research may never come, much less it application to real life situation, looking at it from stand point of literature, applied research contributions to the society are denied, they only make contribution to literature, had they been done conclusively, the literary would still benefits academic and research institution, another similar trend is slothfulness on the part of researchers, slothful research work are detectable in various literatures, researchers who published many high quality research may not have slothful characteristic and thus make great contribution to society, from Aristotle to Albert Einstein era papers published by investigators are numerous, in-depth and most time conclusive for further findings, and not inconclusive for further findings, even though research can be continued at higher level say PhD or post doctoral degree, it is wise to ensure that research ended in a way that warrant it use and application in real life situation, moreover in renown credible research institution or institutions of learning, research output do not show inept ventures, it is suggested that peer reviewers or panel of judges should look out for research article or research proposal whose basic principle have real life application, effective time scheduling, properly planed and adhered execution plan in that it could benefit the research community and solve many societal problems, presumably, even of research enterprise embark on by drug and food related companies adjudge error free rarely meet the submission deadlines or clinical trail deadlines for FDA approval do not lead to open ended inconclusive research work devoid of real life application. Example acutely needed vaccine during outbreak has been delayed due to time constrain and laziness in planning by both government and private organization, a typical apt case is the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.

Researchers inability to draw up good research proposal or research methodology, low class analysis of research result and clumsy protocol preparation could lead to open ended, error laden research output, it crucial to note that institutionalized research procedures are markedly different from many of the above stated principles, procedures be they undergraduate, post graduate or institutionalized research, how to overcome these expertise slurring problems should be inculcated into the researcher by the supervisor, similarly, in acute limitedness of basic skills or aptitude of research ideas, supervisor also furnish student with new research topic , however element of proposal, methodology, analysis of result and discussion as well as protocol preparation needs ingenious skills and talents, thus originality can be encouraged if the students are allowed to chose a research topic, and again with them the final research paper usually present an open ended research devoid of real life application as mentioned, fortunately research skills could be built by students or researcher if given proper tutorial and guidance, by so doing, applied research result are channel to real life application, it is assumed that conclusive research could be pursued.

Characteristic of open ended or inconclusive research

1.Essentially comprise abstract with links to practical realities which are pertinent to the finding. 2.The conclusion and recommendation usually emphasize the need for future research work or same topic other than the ones related to it. 3.True positive result may also be obtained, however practical application would not be indicated. 4.In most instance, the research work do not at least by examples show areas of practical application, especially original and novel ones, most citation merely show previous uses, again thorough scrutiny of justification or significance of study often should show real life application, unwittingly inconclusive applied research do not. 5.Example Antipyretic effects of Durant repens; here the research would concentrate on mere effect of the extract on induced pyrexia, but may not work on actual real life application example suggest by investigation in the mg/ml, the drug company would use in drug formulation if qualification limit pursuit of advance research, for advance research actually work on the drug should be done i.e produce usable drugs, if not it is essentially inconclusive and devoid of element of real life application and therefore end up only in the shelves of high institutions waiting for the “future” without which real life application may never come.

Real life application of research a rarity in academic enclave for solving societal problems

The preponderance of real life applicable research warrant recommendation of researchers involved, given that many real life problems have been resolved to a reasonable extend, the extensively repeatedly occurring societal problems underpin the need for academic and non academic research institution to readjust research guideline so that at least 95% of research output would comprise findings applicable to real life problems, in a section below, the drawback of open ended research or inconclusive research work i.e. in terms of real life application were summarily enumerated, seniors or research supervisor could concentrate their esteemed effort and expertise on these areas in the processes augmenting impact of redefining new research laws, besides the extreme benefits of societal uses, real life applicable research has inherent value of enhancing the prestige and global ranking of the institution where the conduct of the research was done, it is not contestable that improved global ranking and good reputation usually attract grants, funds, affiliation, collaboration and academic material, and research equipments.

In view of these benefits, institution across the globe especially ones in developing world should build on current success so far recorded, for instance in Ahmadu Bello University novel catalytic cracking [13], is a research breakthrough of recent times. Needless to say that in advance nation, through research, series of medical challenges confronting their populace; diabetes, obesity, depression, cancer, had been mitigated, thus similar steps should be taken to fashion out research laws and by-laws that will encourage high output of real life applicable research paper which must not end on shelve of academic institutions or store room of research institutions, as it were, institution from advanced nations are known for output of high yielding real life applicable research, their academic institution also need grants and funds. As corollary to addressable research issues mentioned above, the following constitute requisite for creation, design and conduction of real life applicable research.

Fund availability

High financial implication entails fund utilization, grant, fellowship or scholarship may be a way out, however they may not cover all work adequately as desired by researcher, consequently I posit that schedules of activities of all researchers need be adjusted, so that with effective discipline, they could embark on business venture in a manner that eschew fund starvation, the end result will be access to huge fund by researchers, fund sourcing by donation have been used to raise research fund, presumably however, fund generation via business enterprise seems more respectable and dignifying than fund sourcing by donation, nevertheless donated fund may be use if it remains the only option available.

Research equipments

As mentioned earlier, research equipment could be purchase by government via administrator under strict supervision if tendency for embezzlement exist, also institutionalized modification of research law in a way that encourage continuous output of real life applicable research could attract many research equipments as foreign aids.

Acceptance phobia

Research endeavors at all segments of academic and non academic research work need stress evolution of novel research ideas as part of research undertaking, again the barrier of academic qualification should not deprive researchers the joy and satisfaction of new discovery, supervisors especially have onerous responsibility of ensuring freedom of research when post doctoral student decides to put together fact and ideas from interrelated discipline or within a discipline from advanced perspective, agreeing to this would mean that with available fund and equipment, sky will be the limit and more societal problems could be solved and again research becomes all the more an interesting venture.

Time contains

Effective time management can never be overemphasize especially in research work requiring real life application, given that errors or mistake at any stage of research conduct may spell doom and lead to grave consequence, typical instance here is biomedical research, biotechnological research, other reasons that may subjugate laudable research work to incredulous ending as adduced above should be noted.

Research talents and research skills

These are indispensible requisite bases for smooth and easy conduct of research, if this various ideas, insight, logical reason are synthesize and join together in a meaningful way, effective research analysis is enable often by endowment of skills and talent, researchers deficient in this attribute could be assisted so as to minimize number of inconclusive research work which on the borderline lack the elements of real life application.

Characteristics of real life applicable research (applied research)

1.Combine abstraction with practical realities relevant to the investigation.

2.The conclusion or the recommendation section do not emphasize the need for future research on the subject matter or the topic, rather it gives practical advice regarding utilization of the end product of research.

3.False positive are hardly found when the result is peer reviewed.

4.Applicable research ideas are essentially novel, original, however cases in which previous research was build on may be obtained and scrutiny of justification of study section will show lucidly and specifically area of application, note inability of reviewers to deduce salient points in methodology and result analysis makes inconclusive research attractive.

Global outlook of government policy and research to real life practical endeavor

The frame work of governance couple with government attitude towards research issues which concern them are as diverse as government of global nation, the attempt of this review section is to carry out assessment of government policy from two broad stand point (1) what ought to be using normative thesis (2) Government policy toward research institution.

What ought to be Globally

Firstly, given that research endeavor, have always form the medium through which many mammoth global problems are solved, the UN should create a special day termed “research day” so that on this day contributory benefits of research work from both government and non government research organization should be asses globally for suggestion regarding policy direction, most government have attitude of policy inconsistencies’ towards research activities which usually falls within jurisdiction of tertiary institution, also on the said day, information dissemination bordering research should be carried out globally to create awareness on research benefits and shed light on safety of the purported detrimental effects of research items to the society, in the same vein, grooming of future researchers need be encouraged so that many countless global problems could be resolved or contained, especially health research which must recognized that outbreak of disease can be tackled head on using a novel method I called anticipated research, latter deals with preventive steps in disease outbreak using genome sequence to forecast how human body will react to new strains of unknown pathogens and the nature of disease the organism may cause, included also is the drug type that may be tailored to the need of patient when outbreak occurs, the benefits is that speedy creation of vaccines will become possible, also deadly disease like Ebola, HIV/AIDS, TB etc could be contained before outbreak of new strains, other research areas which urgent attention are environmental research (climate change threatens humanity),and political research(Civil Military Ration (CMR)study, war and strategic study etc) and host of other research fronts.

Secondly, there should be special research department directly under the UN where all global research institutions and research activities could be monitored, and assess frequently in a manner that promote research work, create ample solution and align alternatives to various global problems comprehensively, this is a mandatory enterprise given that the UN is in the best position to determine nature, types, complexity of global problems and how solution could be proffered, for more than 100% solution are attainable through research. There is therefore need to relate problems to solutions globally, the undoing of the current approach is that nations handle problems with global grave implication with lackadaisical attitude, example EVD, internal laws regarding modus operandi of research institution (government or private), lack of research funds, lack of expertise, lack of equipment etc remains qualms of research needing new globalised policy and strategy, else leaving this problems unattended will evolve a complex problem which may one day in reality threatens the existence of mankind.

What Ought to be within Nations

1.Align all research institutions laws and activities to fit into UN objectives regarding research work and modus operandi of research

2.Create ministry of research and innovation, given that they need special attention and especial funding.

3.Encourage strong synergy and symbiotic relation between government and private research outfits for training and retraining of researchers in areas of cutting edge high quality research.

4.Mutual working relation between WHO, government and private research should be fostered so that globally, disease of global pandemic and endemic proportion could be treated by concerted biomedical effort, and again status qua should be maintained for all department under UN dealing with specific global problem; drought, global warming etc.

Government Policy toward Research

In brief, government policy, across global divides, institution and private research entities can be completely rated abysmally low and dismissible in that many researchers had been dissuaded owing to poor support, in spite that all kinds of solution are obtainable from research endeavor, little or no impetus had been created for research work, the major reason adducible is that integration of research to each department in institution of learning, rather each faculty should have separate department to handle research issues bordering research work , there is need for increase in course work on research, in the research department, specialized expert on research should be tutors who are different from tutors in other department except where department intercourse work warrant otherwise, similarly, private research outfit should also create separate research department and these department should be regulated and approved by regulating agencies in the ministry of research and innovation in accordance to guiding principles of UN research organization(when created to operate like the WHO), if separate entity is accorded to research in research institution(department) and government (ministry),then harmonize finding , specialize attention, special fund provision and harmonized global expertise will lead to explosion of solution for new and everyday societal problem and again in all ramification.

Synchrony between Real Life Application of Research and Research Activities in Academic Enclave.

Significant number of research work in high institution end up on library shelve or in academic record of the institution and fortunately, majority of research papers contain real life applicable ideas, but as mentioned, they are hardily revisited for purpose of implementation in real life setting, research work on shelves or drawers should not be for reference purpose only, and as long as they remain the property of the institution, there should be synergy between these institution and government so that base on problems at hands solutions can be created from broad perspective covering all aspect of human endeavors, inconclusive applied research should be revisited also, perhaps such research may serve as research topic suggested by supervisors of advanced research thesis, leading ultimately to real life application, in addition, cooperation between academic institution and private sector (both for profit and non profit) may reduce the quantity of research paper on the library shelf while still earning revenue for the research institution. Lastly adoption of the suggested policy frame work will firmly synchronized real life application of research with inconclusive research work which end up in library shelves or record room of research institution.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

It can be concluded that applied research have ample values that my benefit the society and clear off many problems which bedevil the society, in addition, the result of real life applicable research, given adequate attention and bureaucratic restructuring, may resolve many global problems within and across all aspect of human life, decrease in number of redundant research paper in institution will translate into new solutions for the betterment of humanity.

Future Outlook

Anticipatory research wherein incidence of disease outbreak could be researched using gene bank, data libraries and genomic arrays to predict functional changes in pathogen life cycle and structural development, such as would cause in anticipated manner, disease signs and symptoms, and accordingly, aptly draw up research plans for rapid responses, example EVD, HIV/AIDS, in same vein anticipatory scenario could be created for the following; environmental disastrous events of unimaginable scale, effect of global warming such as extreme heat, extensive radiation from atomic bomb, that way, effective action plans could be researched and store in data bank as obtained for genes in human genome project, proteomics and physiology.


Citation: Sani M (2015) Research Exploit from Bench and Shelve to Real Life Application. J Med Diagn Meth S1:001.

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