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Quantitative Analyses of Parasite Load in the Cardinal Tetra (Paracherodon axelrodii), along the Period of Capture and Storage

Zehev Schwartz Benzaken, Clycia Pereira de Araújo Lima and Vera Maria Fonseca de Almeida Val

Fish disease reduces productivity and quality of fish raised in fish farms all over the world and impacts the economic activity of exporting firms, leading also to credibility loss. The current paper is the result of examinations performed on two nature born batches received from the Barcelos region at the installations of a tropical fish exported. A total of 100 fish out of 1000 were removed and inspected for parasites, the remaining 900 fish were kept for a month at the company’s facility where they were fed and treated for parasites. After this month, an additional 100 fish were inspected for ectoparasites. For most ectoparasites species, treatment reduced the quantity of the infection vector proving the effectiveness of the treatment used.