International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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ISSN: 2329-9096


Protein Supplementation of a High-Carbohydrate Diet during Resistance Training Enhances Muscle Mass and Function by Increasing Essential Amino Acids

Yun-A Shin, Kyoung-Young Lee and Sang-Min Hong

Objective: Previous studies have presented the effects of carbohydrate and protein intake using a single food or supplement. However, little knowledge is available regarding the long-term effects of protein diet supplementation on muscle mass and function. This study was conducted to investigate the effects of a 12-week high-intensity resistance exercise program combined with a high-carbohydrate (HCHO), high-protein (HPRO) diet on body composition, muscle function, anabolic/catabolic hormones, and blood amino acid levels.

Methods: This study included 27 male college students, who were divided into an HPRO group (n=12) and an HCHO group (n=15). Three to five sets of resistance exercises were performed four times a week at 75% of 1- repetition maximum for 12 weeks.

Results: The weight and body fat percentage decreased in both groups after the 12-week resistance exercise, and muscle mass increased in the HPRO group. The peak torque increased in the HPRO group, and the average power increased in both the HCHO and HPRO groups, although there was no significant difference between the changes in both groups. However, the testosterone level and the ratio of testosterone to cortisol increased in the HCHO group, and the changes were significantly different between the groups. The blood essential amino acid (EAA) and non-essential amino acid levels showed a time × group effect. Conclusion: Protein supplementation of a high-carbohydrate diet during resistance training may enhance body composition and muscle mass and function by increasing the blood EAA levels. Therefore, considering that Asians tend to consume high-carbohydrate diets, a diet with slightly less carbohydrate and increased protein may be more effective for increased muscle strength and mass during training.