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Prevalence of Psychological Disorders and Available of Facilities in Community Mental Health Centers: A Survey Research Study in Batang Padang District, Perak, Malaysia, 2015-2016

Asma Perveen, Pau Kee, Rahmattullah Khan Bin Abdul Wahab Khan, Abdul Mujeeb Khan, Fauziah Binti Mohd Sa’sd and Md Azman Shahadan

Objective: The purpose of this study was to explore the prevalence of psychological disorders and available facilities among community mental health centers in Batang Padang district Perak.

Method: To conduct this study survey research method was used, seven community mental health centers in the Batang Padang District, Perak was contacted and data regarding the prevalence of psychological disorders and demographic information was obtained from the community mental health center administration. During the data collection researcher were able to get the percentage of reported cases of psychological disorders among seven community health centers, no further information was accessed.

Results: Data collected from seven health community centers revealed a total of 5545 patients being treated in the past the past two years with the highest number of patients from Slim River Hospital (n=3652) followed by Tapah Hospital (n=1526). Male patients were slightly higher than female patients with 51.07% of patients were males (n=2832) while 50.49% were females (n=2800). The results indicate that, there is 2.89% prevalence of Psychological disorder in Batang Padang district, Perak, Malaysia.

Conclusion: Results findings indicated that there is a significant prevalence of psychological disorder among community mental health centers. Analysis of the results helps us to determine that there is high need of clinical psychological services and awareness and education plan to treat, manage and prevent the increasing ration of psychological disorders.