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HIV: Current Research
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Prevalence of Malaria in Gbalegi, Idanre Local Government Area and State Hospital, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

Dada EO, Okebugwu QC and Ibukunoluwa MR

The study investigated the prevalence of malaria in Gbalegi area of Idanre local government and State Hospital Akure. A total of 150 blood samples were collected from individuals using lancet and heparinised capillary tubes. Thin and thick blood smears were used to identify different Plasmodium species. Overall prevalence percentage of malaria was observed to be high in State Hospital Akure (20.7%) than in Gbalegi (20.6%). Overall prevalence of malaria infection among different occupation group in Gbalegi was highest (61.9%) in traders than in others. Malaria infection was highest (33.3%) in male traders in Gbalegi compared to female traders (15.2%). A more comprehensive research to confirm plasmodium as primary aetiology of malaria and malaria controlled programme is advocated. The risk factors for infection implicated in this study should guide formulation and implementation of prevention and control programs.