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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Preparing Pressure-Impulse Diagrams for Reinforced Concrete Columns with Constant Axial Load using Single Degree of Freedom Approach

Ramezan Ali Izadifard, Somayeh Mollaei and Mohammad Esmaeil Nia Omran

In this paper, moment-curvature behavior of reinforced concrete column with constant axial load is determined using finite element method and then it is introduced to a single degree of freedom (SDOF) model based on Euler- Bernoulli theory. Using this SDOF model, dynamic response of the RC column under the blast loading is estimated. The introduced SDOF includes secondary moments (P-δ) effects, nonlinear behavior of the material and effects of strain rate on concrete and steel materials through the time calculation of the model. Results obtained from SDOF model for transverse displacement of RC column under blast loading is compared to analysis by finite element software OPENSEES. Then, introduced SDOF method is used for drawing Pressure-Impulse (P-I) diagram of the column with considering the presence of axial compressive load. According to the results, introduced SDOF model has simple and quick computations and accuracy of predictions is acceptable.