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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Potent Role of Antioxidant Molecules in Prevention and Management of Skin Cancer

Wahida Khan Chowdhury, Shahida Arbee, Sujan Debnath, Shah Mehedi Bin Zahur, Sharmim Akter, A K M Rezaul Karim, Mohammad Mohabbulla Mohib, Abida Tisha, Md Abu Taher Sagor and Sharif Mohiuddin

Evidence reported that cancers are spreading every nook and corner of the world at an alarming rate. Skin diseases like chronic skin inflammations, psoriasis and skin cancers have also been burning topic in today. Protections of a biological system are often hampered while skin gets damaged. Factors like UV, radiation, viruses, chronic diseases, genetic predispositions, food habits and environmental exposures might lead to skin cancers. In addition to these, urbanization and globalization may also contaminate the environment that may eventually modify several biological and genetic functions. USA, Europe and Australia are in the most dangerous zone to be exposed. We basically performed detailed search of PubMed, Google Scholar and Science Direct for literature search and collecting related information. On the other hand, experiments suggested that antioxidant components such as phenolic acid derivatives, flavonoids and flavonol found to be preventive against cancer cell proliferations. Moreover, antioxidants have been also evaluated as a protective agent against chronic inflammatory diseases as well. These molecules may participate as an additional therapy which could exert synergistic effects while applying with other chemotherapeutic agents. Our literature findings and hypothetical figure may establish a good correlation between skin cancer and antioxidant therapy. Therefore this study will be focused on skin cancer biology and some possible management strategies using antioxidant phyto-nutrients.