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Post-operative Rehabilitation of a Bilateral Uncemented Total Hip Replacement Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient. A Case Study

Hitesh Arora and Rakhi Ratnam

Background and Purpose: Total hip replacement (THR) is one of the most frequently performed orthopedic surgery in India and worldwide. Thousands of people undergo THR every year in hopes of improving their functional abilities and reducing their disability levels. The purpose of this case report is to document acute care outcome measures in Rheumatoid arthritis patient who had undergone bilateral THR and to assess the possible implications that a short staging period might have on the patient’s ability to recover. Case Presentation: A 44 years old rheumatoid arthritis patient with severe restriction in mobility had undergone bilateral Uncemented total hip replacement following which patient was rehabilitated for strength, gait and functional abilities. Outcomes: Modified Harris Hip Score was taken preoperatively, Post-operative day 6, 3 weeks, 6 weeks for both the hips. Discussion: Many studies support an early and intensive Physiotherapy following THR but there are limited literature on rehabilitation in case of rheumatic arthritis patient who had undergone bilateral THR. This study includes an early acute care Physiotherapy from day 1 up to 6 weeks which helped the patient in resuming his daily activities early.