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Anesthesia & Clinical Research
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ISSN: 2155-6148


Plasma Phenytoin Levels and Incidence of Seizure in Patients Undergoing Craniotomy for Supratentorial Brain Tumors

Aitsaraporn Phunsawat, Lawan Tuchinda and Wanna Somboonviboon

Phenytoin is often used to prevent seizures especially postoperative seizures after craniotomy for supratentorial brain tumors but the effectiveness is controversy. To investigate perioperative changes in plasma phenytoin levels and incidence of immediate postoperative seizure in patients undergoing craniotomy for supratentorial brain tumors. The study is prospective observational descriptive study. Twenty patients who received phenytoin and undergoing craniotomy for supratentorial brain tumors were enrolled in this study. The measurement of plasma phenytoin levels were done at preoperative, intraoperatively and postoperative period after the second dose of phenytoin. Demographic data of the patients were recorded include age, sex, weight, preoperative seizure, pathology, size and location of brain tumors, operative duration, amount of fluid replacement and blood loss. If postoperative seizure occurred, plasma phenytoin level was measured again.