Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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ISSN: 2167-0412


Phytodiversity and Conservation with Special Reference to Rare Medicinal Plants of Himalayas Region, Pakistan

Zareen S, Jabeen N, Shinwari MI, Arshad M, Muhammad A and Raza G

Pakistan is gifted with peculiar resources of rich and diversified plant heritage. Mountainous regions (Northern part) of Pakistan have more than 700 plants of economic importance. Of which 10% plant species are reflected to be of medicinal value. Active chemical constituents present either with in stem, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds or roots are used for different ailments. These are chemically balanced, effective and least injurious for human health with fewer side effects. The increasing human and livestock’s population change in climatic condition, habitat loss through housing, construction of roads, promotion of tourism, deforestation, terracing of land for agriculture, overgrazing and excessive collection of plants has exerted pressure on the existence of rare medicinal plants. The herbal medicines are mostly being used in the form of crude extract and their standardization and quality has remained one of the key challenges. The convenient standardization of bioactive compounds present in medicinal plants is becoming trendy at present. There is a terrible need of conservation of medicinally important plants via modern biotechnological approaches for their long-term sustainable utilization.