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Petrography, geochemistry and Alteration Studies of Kanawa Uranium Occurrences, Wuyo-Gubrunde Horst, Northeastern Nigeria

Saleh Ibrahim Bute

The Kanawa uranium occurrence is situated along a northerly fault zone at Gubrunde horst, underlain by migmatitesgneiss, syntectonic S-type granites and minor volcanic rock. The sheared zoned is highly altered. The alteration products are sericite, chlorite, and hematite. The uranium occurrences are epigentic derived by remobilization from the host rock to the sheared zones, probably through metasomatic process where feldspars has been replaced by U-Fe-Mg in an oxidized conditions, the mineralizing fluids may be sourced from the numerous volcanic bodies around the area. The host rock showed enrichment of uranium>5, could serve as the potential source of the mineralization. The mineralized mylonite is a product of the granitic host. The Fe-Mg-Ca-P-Sr-Zr-V-Co-U may reflect mineralization fluid composition.