Perioperative Management of Carcinoid Syndorme-An Anaesthesiologistandrsquo;s Perspective. | Abstract
Anesthesia & Clinical Research

Anesthesia & Clinical Research
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ISSN: 2155-6148


Perioperative Management of Carcinoid Syndorme-An Anaesthesiologist’s Perspective.

Satya Prakash MVS

Occurrence of carcinoid syndrome is very rare. So the expertise and literature on this syndrome is limited. Physiologically active substances that are secreted by the carcinoid tumour cause major problems for the anesthesiologist in the perioperative period. Preoperative preparation of the patient is the most important step that decides the recovery of the patient. Discovery of octreotide lead to the improvement in treating and decreasing the morbidity and mortality during surgery. If the surgery is palliative post-operative management also makes it difficult for the anesthesiologist. Extreme vigilance and common sense had to be applied during the surgery by the anesthesiologist. Pathophysiology, symptomatology, diagnosis and perioperative management are described in this article.

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