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Perceptions Regarding Medical Management of Clubfoot in Kenya

Naomi wanjiru kingau, Rhoda Anthea, Nondwe Mlenzana and Samuel Kabara Kingau

Clubfoot is one of the congenital and structural conditions that leads to physical impairment in children globally. Service providers have different perceptions on the various methods of management of clubfoot. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to explore the perceptions regarding the medical management of clubfoot in Kenya.

Methods: structured interviews were conducted with 20 participant; ten parents/caregivers of children with clubfoot undergoing different management and 10 service providers. The interviews were analyzed by thematic content technique

Result: The results indicated that Ponseti method is the most effective method of clubfoot management, however surgery is considered for complex, neglected and inadequately management clubfoot. Like wise surgery is observed as convenient for patient that cannot access Ponseti management. French and Kite approach are apparent inadequate in clubfoot management

Conclusion: The finding shows that Ponseti is the most effective interventions in clubfoot management. However, the effectiveness is mired by various challenges. Therefore, structures should be put in place to cub the challenges