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Pattern of Physical Activity Level, Pain Intensity, Range of Motion and Physical Function among Older Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

Ayodeji Ayodele Fabunmi, Taofik Oluwasegun Afolabi and Timileyin Segun Agboola

Introduction: Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative joint disease which is common among middle aged and elderly persons, it is a common chronic condition resulting in pain, fatigue and functional limitation, and it is the leading cause of disability affecting population older than 60 years. Despite available therapies to patients with osteoarthritis, persistent pain and joint stiffness remains a daily experience. The purpose of this study was to assess the pattern of physical activity level, pain intensity, range of motion and physical function among older patients with knee osteoarthritis in Ibadan.

Materials and method: The physical activity level was assessed using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire-Short Form (IPAQ) short form questionnaire, the active range of motion was assessed using a universal goniometer, pain intensity was assessed using the numerical pain rating scale, while the physical function level was determined using the timed up and go test.

Result: A total number of 88 elderly participants with age ranging from 60 to 91 years, participated in this study, 21 (23.9%) were males, while 67 (76.1%) were females. The mean age 69 ± 7.05 years; the mean pain level was 4.03 ± 1.36; mean ROM was 91.730 ± 1.930. Out of the 88 participants, 2 (2.30%) were physically active, 13 (14.80%) were minimally active, and 73 (82.95%) were inactive. The mean physical function level was 13.01 ± 3.07 secs.

Conclusion: The outcome of this study suggested that physical activity level in the elderly with knee osteoarthritis is low and most of them present with pain of moderate intensity, it also suggested that elderly with knee osteoarthritis have limited range of motion, and that they have a good mobility for their physical function level. It was then concluded that there was no effect of physical activity level on the physical function of the elderly, but pain intensity affected the physical function level. It was also concluded that physical activity level has a negative influence on physical function level in elderly with knee osteoarthritis.