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Ornamental Fishery in Rio Negro (Amazon region), Brazil: Combining Social, Economic and Fishery Analyses

Benzaken S Zehev, Almeida Vera, Benzaken Asher and Ribeiro Raimundo

The cardinal tetra is the number one export species in the ornamental fish trade industry in Brazil, accounting for 70% of the total amount of Brazilian fish exports [1]. The cardinal tetra inhabits the middle and upper Negro River, and its trade corresponds to 60% of the economy of the Barcelos municipality. However, fishery data have yet to be collected to better evaluate the effects of this artisanal fishery on fish populations. The present work presents data obtained from field collection interviews and a sample fishery. The data correspond to the quantity of fish caught per collection region, how many people were involved in the activity, the number of nets used, and the catch volume. Data from fisherman interviews and the type of fishing were compared for corroboration of the findings and to assist in calculating the number of fish extracted from the collecting areas during different times of the year. Altogether, these data were used to determine whether ornamental fisheries are sustainable. The present study shows that a fisheries observatory program is viable for the ornamental fish market and can be combined to increase sales, which emphasizes the preservation and wellbeing of the local communities that are active in this trade, as accomplished by the “fair trade coffee market”. We hope this idea can be pursued further by local authorities, and with better data, the preservation of the aquatic fauna can be prioritized because aquatic fauna preservation increases sales