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Raju H.G

Comprehensive Dental Insurance in India is non-existent entity Dental insurance is one of the major areas of medical insurance in the western world. Almost all the developed countries in the western hemisphere have a substantial population of their covered under the scheme of dental insurance. As a part of the medical coverage, dental insurance in India though is yet to be widespread. However, in keeping with the increasing awareness of the need for dental insurance and coverage, the process has started. More and more people today are opting for insurance in India. Similarly, new and new policies are being framed by the medical insurance companies in India who offer the policy of dental insurance also. Dental awareness in the Indian population continues to be low, thus reflecting on the priorities of seeking regular dental care. Dental insurance thus has a large untapped market and its high time that more focus be given towards this potential by the insurance regulator, service providers and professional bodies. The present article is an attempt to focus on the available schemes on Dental Insurance in India.

Published Date: 2010-12-31;