Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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On the Possibilities of Using Alternative Fuels in ICE Powered Lawn Mowers and Tractors to Meet Phase III Emissions Standards

Etim U Ubong

There is a need to use alternative fuels in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) powered lawn care equipment used around residential, office and reserved areas. This will enable this equipment to meet Phase III emissions standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. One method of reducing emissions from trimmers, lawn mowers, tractors and blowers is to use alcohol fuels in the next generation of ICE powered devices and also, to make it adaptable to operate on flex-fuels. These devices are not only a great source of noise pollution, they are also a major source of hydrocarbon, NOx and CO emissions in the residential neighbourhood from spring to the fall seasons, hence, the need to mandate the use of alcohol and flex fuels to lowers emissions. These changes will require a slight modification of the engine, by way of increasing the compression ratio on one hand, and modifying the fuel system: tank, fuel lines, and fuel dispensing system (carburetor) to meet flex-fuel requirements. This proposed engine modification will meet Phase 3 emissions standards as alcohol fuels possess superior combustion characteristics and lower emissions.