Nutrients in Hair Supplements: Evaluation of their Function in Hair Loss Treatment | Abstract
Hair Therapy & Transplantation

Hair Therapy & Transplantation
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Nutrients in Hair Supplements: Evaluation of their Function in Hair Loss Treatment

Angelo Labrozzi*

Hair loss represents one of the most diffuse aesthetic issues among the worldwide population, with 50% of men and nearly 50% of women affected by pattern hair loss by age of 50. The loss of hair is not life-threatening, and it is a natural part of the ageing process. However, it can adversely affect the individual’s quality of life. The integrity of normal hair function relies largely on an adequate and balanced nutritional intake, essential trace elements deficiency, genetic conditions, hormonal imbalance or stressful events, which can alter the hair growth cycle equilibrium. Dietary supplements, as well as the intake of specific nutrients, have traditionally been used to improve hair growth, even if the connection between the use of specific substances and the prevention or the treatment of hair loss not always is supported by scientific studies. Indeed, the use of specific vitamins and minerals for the treatment of hair loss is often based on popular traditions or commercial reasons, and several nutrients are part of the dietary supplements composition to adhere to the rule of "one size fits all". On the contrary, the non-pathological treatment of hair loss requires an in-depth analysis of the nutritional deficiencies of each individual in order to restore the biological functions of hair and to reach the normal physiological conditions. A review of the state of the art in hair loss and nutrients relationship was done, highlighting minerals and vitamins which may concretely contribute to prevent or treat this unpleasant event.

Published Date: 2020-01-24; Received Date: 2020-01-04