Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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Network Architecture of a Modern Automotive Infotainment System

Mashud Kabir*

Due to the advancement in technology and consumer electronics, automotive infotainment system is growing rapidly. More and more new technologies and devices are integrated into the system. All the infotainment electronic control units (ECUs) are networked in the automotive platform. Therefore, it has always been a challenging topic for researchers and engineers to find an appropriate network architecture which can adjust with the newly added ECUs and user demands. Until the last few years, automotive devices were integrated using Controller Area Network (CAN) technology. Due to the slow speed of data transfer in Controller Area Network (CAN) (generally up to few hundred Kilo Bytes per second), a new technology named as MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) was introduced. Here, the data is transferred optically. For the last few years, more and more applications including Navigation system, Multi Media Player, iPod, SD Card, USB Memory, Instrument Cluster, Digital Tuner sand Telephony have been integrated into the MOST system. Data transfer rate of up to 150 MB its per second is realizable using MOST. In this paper, MOST network architecture which is the backbone of modern infotainment platform, network management protocols and related devices are presented.