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Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering
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NAND Flash Memory Organization and Operations

Novotný R, Kadlec J and Kuchta R

NAND flash memories are well known for their uncomplicated structure, low cost, and high capacity. Their typical characteristics include architecture, sequential reading, and high density. NAND flash memory is a non-volatile type of memory and has low power consumption. The erasing of NAND Flash memory is based on a block-wise base. Since cells in a flash chip will fail after a limited number of writes, limited write endurance is a key characteristic of flash memory. There are many noise causes such as read or program disturbs, retention process, charge leakage, trapping generation, etc. Preferably, all errors in the storage would be adjusted by the ECC algorithm. The conclusion of all mentioned parasitic factors creates a set of external and internal influences which affects variable behaviour of memory in time. To prepare a review of all the important factors that affect the reliability and life-cycle endurance of NAND flash memories and was our main motivation for this paper.