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Myeloperoxidase Inactivation Affects Neutrophil Recruitment in Zebrafish Injury-Induced Model

Yajuan Li, Ren DL, Chen M, Ge SC and Bing Hu

Uncontrolled migration and excess recruitment of neutrophils can lead to persistent inflammation, tissue damage and disease. Myeloperoxidase is a remarkable target for further understanding the immune cell migration. This study tests the hypothesis that myeloperoxidase may regulate the immune cell activity and provides a new perspective on the treatment of immune diseases by exploring the mechanism of neutrophil migration. Studies of leukocyte migration in vivo in the zebrafish model, which set a collection of advantages both mammalian and cell lines, have gained widespread attention. In this study, we used tg (coro1a: eGFP; lyz: dsred2) and tg (lyz: eGFP) lines labelling both macrophages and neutrophils to study the effect of mpx on neutrophil chemotaxis to wounds. We found that myeloperoxidase was required for neutrophil migration to the wound site in injury-induced inflammation, but not required for neutrophil migration to the infection site in the infection-induced inflammation. Further, the regulation of myeloperoxidase was specific to neutrophil migration to wound inflammation, but was not necessary for macrophage migration. Thus, myeloperoxidase activity shows therapeutic potential for inflammatory disease related to neutrophil migration.