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Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
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Multiscale Modeling of Exocytosis in the Fertilization Process

Aldo Ledesma Durán and Santamaría-HolekI

We discuss the implementation of a multiscale biophysico-chemical model able to cope with the main mechanisms underlying cumulative exocytosis in cells. The model is based on a diffusion equation in the presence of external forces that links calcium signaling and the biochemistry associated to the activity of cytoskeletal-based protein motors. This multiscale model offers an excellent quantitative spatio-temporal description of the cumulative exocytosis measured by means of fluorescence experiments. We also review pre-existing models reported in the literature on calcium waves, protein motor activation and dynamics, and intracellular directed transport of vesicles. As an example of the proposed model, we analyze the formation of the shield against polyspermy in the early events of fertilization in sea urchin eggs.