Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters

Journal of Geography  & Natural Disasters
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Morphometric and Morphotectonic Analysis of Ferozpur Drainage Basin Left Bank Tributary of River Jhelum of Kashmir Valley, NW Himalayas, India

Altaf Lone

The Morphotectonic and morphometric analysis by the use of geomorphic indices and landforms helped us in deciphering the tectonic nature of the Ferozpur watershed. The present study has been carried out to study the tectonic geomorphology of the Ferozpur drainage basin, a left bank tributary of the River Jhelum, located in the Kashmir Himalayas. Various morphometric parameters like stream ordering, stream number, stream length, bifurcation ratio and Morphotectonic parameters like hypsometric integral, basin elongation ratio, drainage basin asymmetry, stream gradient index and river profiling (longitudinal) were calculated using Aster DEM, Toposheets, software’s like Glober Mapper and Arc Gis 10.2. Overall assessment of the morphometric and morphotectonic analysis revealed that the tectonic uplift, lithology and climate forcing determine a significant position in the landscape evolution of the Ferozpur drainage basin plus the basin has experienced differential uplift and erosion rates from time to time. Thus, it is hoped that the result from this investigation will aid inference about the tectonic activity and provoke some thoughts about the futuristic ramifications of the geomorphic processes operating in the Ferozpur drainage basin.