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Mini review on Vibrio Infection-A Case Study on Vibrio harveyi Clade

Denicia Atujona, Shuanghu Cai and Eric Amenyogbe

Pathogens respond to host immunity by secreting virulence factors which facilitate their proliferation and survival in host. Most bacteria including Vibrio harveyi coordinates gene expression by cell-cell communication termed quorum sensing. Quorum sensing (QS) involves the production, detection, and response of molecules to extracellular signals to enable bacteria monitor population density and induce specific genes in response to changes in cell number. Quorum sensing systems regulate virulence, bioluminescence, biofilm formation and antibiotic production which are necessary factors to induce infection. V. harveyi interacts inter-specially and intra-specially to overcome host defences and cause detrimental infections to a wide range of aquatic host. This review reflects the mechanism aiding infection in Vibrio species, considering V. harveyi clade.