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Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals
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Microflora of Intestinal and Respiratory Tract in AIDS Process

Hainova K, Mego M, Wachsmannova L, Adamcikova Z, Stevurkova V, Krcmery V and Zajac V

Bacterial DNA isolated from the intestinal tract/rectum as well as bacteria and yeasts from the respiratory tract of HIV patients were positive in hybridization assay for HIV-1 specific sequences. Further, HIV-like sequences homologous for more than 85% with the corresponding HIV-1 sequences in the selected DNA samples were detected by PCR using primers specific for the HIV-1 genes gag, pol and env and then by sequence analysis of PCR products. Bacteria and yeasts isolated from the above mentioned cohorts of patients were analyzed for detection of expressed HIV-1 antigens. By monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) against HIV-1 proteins p55+p17 (Abcam, UK) proteins with the molecular weight of 55 kDa and 35 kDa were detected in the whole cohort of the patients tested. By using MAbs against p24 was detected 55 kDa protein only in Cambodian and Kenyan samples. Using monoclonal antibodies against the HIV-1 specific protein gp41, relevant protein was found in samples of both cohorts of patients. The protein of about 80-85 kDa was detected by MAbs against gp120 only in protein extracts obtained from yeasts Candida sp. of Cambodian and Kenyan HIV positive children.