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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Melasma and Hypothyroidism: Conflicting Coexistence?

Shamma Aboobacker and Kaliaperumal Karthikeyan

Introduction: The most striking concern with regard to melasma is the resultant cosmetic and social stigma, thereby procuring a prompt therapeutic approach. This study aims at correlating thyroidal etiology in terms of proportion affected and presentation of melasma in relation to non-thyroidal etiology.
Methodology: An analytical cross sectional study was carried out evaluating thyroid status in melasma patients.
Results: A total of 103 cases, aged 20-60 years with F:M ratio of 7.6:1 showed hypothyroidism in 25 patients; of which 4 were newly diagnosed and 8 subclinical. Presentation of melasma in hypothyroid cases showed dermal preponderance and higher MASI.
Conclusion: Hypothyroidism accounts for a considerable proportion of melasma that suggests an evaluation of hormonal profile is essential irrespective of severity of melasma.