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Livelihood Status of Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) Fishermen of Greater Noakhali Regions of Bangladesh

Jahangir Sarker Md, Borhan Uddin AMM, Shamsul Alam Patwary Md, Mehedi Hasan Tanmay, Farhana Rahman and Moshiur Rahman

The present study aimed to elucidate the livelihood status of Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) fishermen at Lakshmipur and Noahkali Districts in Bangladesh during August, 2014 to January, 2015 through questionnaire survey method. During Hilsa fishing, Pangas (Pangasius pangasius), Koral (Lates calcarifer) and Poa (Johnius coitor) were also found to capture as bycatch using Chandi Jal (set gill net). 85% fishermen were observed to use mechanized (5-40 HP; Horse Power) boats in the study areas. Hilsa fishing was noticed mostly during October-November while such activities was almost absent during February-May (off period) which made fishermen to start migrating temporarily to the nearest urban areas for their livelihood. Although the Government of Bangladesh formulates an act to have fishing license yet 20% of the fishermen were found having valid fishing license in the study areas. Average daily net income of the fishermen during fishing period was 600 BDT whereas their real field daily income through fishing supposed to be 1695 BDT if they are supported by nets, boats, fuels etc. which means almost 64% of their daily income is taken by the aratdars. Therefore, subsidy as a means of nets, boats, fuels, engines etc. might be recommended for the better livelihood of the fishermen in greater Noakhali region.