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International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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JSU-Diagram: A Guideline for Treatment of the Upper Limb in Stroke Patients

Marc Michielsen, Elke Janssens, Maarten Bossuyt, Klara Cypers, Griet Daems, Liselot Thijs and Els Schruers

Recovery of efficient, functional use of the upper limb post stroke can contribute to an increased quality of life. Early implementation of well-structured upper limb treatment after stroke may affect recovery of upper limb function and dexterity. The JSU (Jessa Sint-Ursula) diagram should be considered a guideline to work on the objectives needed to shape the rehabilitation of the upper limb at various stages of recovery. The diagram starts with upper limb rehabilitation from day one, even in the absence of sufficient trunk control and aims at offering a logical theoretical strategy for improving the recovery of function of the upper limb.