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Investigating the Occurrence and Capability of Limestone Deposit in Mbiabong Ukwa Area, Near Arochukwu Southeastern Nigeria Using Core Drilling Method

Onwe Mkpuma Rock and Odoh Bridget Ubechu

Reconnaissance mapping and core drilling for subsurface limestone deposit investigation in Mbiabong Ukwa area and environs was carried out using a hybrid but simple rotary core recovery rig- GX-Y-1. The reconnaissance was done in a way that reasonably covered the whole area of interest in either direction (East to West, North to South). Fresh samples were randomly chipped out of the outcrops in-situ at about 50-100 m distance except where there is outcrop exposure of special interest. A base Map projection of Nigeria, Map Grid:- Datum: WGS-84, 1984 (NAD-83); Zone: 32 (UTM-32 Northern hemisphere) was used in all work undertaken for this Mineral Resource evaluation. Drilling was planned and set-out using the local grid at 1 km along strike and 200 m dip wise. Recovered core log were sequentially boxed into core boxes, lithologically assayed and tape measurements of litho strata imported into Rockworks 16 software environment for interpretation.

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