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Inventory of Ichyofaunal Diversity, Fishing Gear and Craft in Turag River, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Naser Ahmed Bhouiyan, Mohammad Abdul Baki, Anirban Sarker and Md. Muzammel Hossain

Biodiversity of many Bangladesh Rivers is seriously threatened by industrial and municipal pollution. The study was conducted in the Turag River starting from Amin Bazar bridge (23°47' N 90°20'E) to Kamarpara bridge (23°53' N 90°23'E). This inventory survey was sampled at a fortnightly interval usually between 7.00 am to 5.00 pm by a team using a boat from December 2012 to November 2013. Detailed information on catch by species, fish length & weight, different types of gear & craft were collected through direct observation. A total of 71 (65 indigenous and 6 exotic) fish species (under 25 families of 9 orders) have been identified. 17 different types of gears of two categories (active and passive gear) and 8 different types of crafts were observed to harvest fish in the study area. The survey revealed that rising floodwater stimulated an increase in fishing activities in the study area from July to October. Fish numbers were recorded lower from November to July (dry and pre-monsoon period) likely due to reduced water flow and adverse water quality of this river. A paired t-test indicate that fish species numbers were significantly difference between Dry and pre-monsoon (P=0.02), Dry and monsoon (P=0.02) and Dry and post-monsoon season (P=0.03) respectively. However, fisheries resources contribution is very limited for livelihood of the surrounding people.