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Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
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Insights Arising When Quantum Mechanics is Reappraised from a Biological Perspective

Michael Thomas Deans

A recently reported ferroelectric phase transition at 72 Kelvin in ice XIc corroborates an observation made as a physics student in 1967. I attributed anomalous readings from a silica helium thermometer suspended in liquid nitrogen to distortion by ice crystallizing on its surface, suggesting a proton ordered tetragonal variant, ice It of cubic ice had changed shape during an ordering phase transition releasing latent energy as 'ice light', wavelength λ ~ 4 μ infrared laser light. My research into its consequences reinterprets the axiomatic basis of science, affording simple accounts of familiar topics. Ice light emitted from pools of nitrogen on Earth's poles during a primordial ice age was multiply reflected in cloud and surface ice, creating DNA, including tRNA analogue 'transport DNAs', tDNAs by selectively polymerizing nucleotides in equatorial waters. They constituted H-bond lined pores through proto-cell membranes, polarization by ice light created an electric field propelling ionic substrate-trace element complexes constituting life’s molecular vocabulary inside. 64 tDNA variants orchestrate biochemistry, supplementing trace elements prevents mental and physical maladies. ‘Minions’ arose from comparing cybernetics, psychology and traditional wisdom. 189 flat anti-parallel β-sheet hairpins with alternate neutral and basic amino acid residues bind 1,701 DNA base pairs, forming a nine-coil abacus. Minions probably evolved to pack DNA in chromosomes for accurate replication. 189*18 arrays of proton ordered H-bonds connecting amino acid ω-amines to DNA phosphates control metabolism, are biological clocks and 'chips in the brain. When sarcomeres of striated muscle contract, they form ½-wave resonant cavities for λ, exemplifying biological energy coupling. Protons accelerated along minion tunnels drive molecular scale nuclear fusion, if coupled they could resolve global warming. Artificial intelligence modeled on minions would satisfy Turing's vision, allowing for personality and compensating the relativity between perception and conception, reinterpreting quantum mechanics, uncertainty and relativity.