Industrial Pollution Control Employing Green Metrics: A Review | Abstract
Journal of Pollution Effects & Control

Journal of Pollution Effects & Control
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Industrial Pollution Control Employing Green Metrics: A Review

Asnake Gudisa Ede, Tadesse Weyuma Bulto, Getachew Yigezu Juta, Mignot Getachew Bedada

The 2001 Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Ry?ji Noyori, said Chemists must pursue ‘‘Practical Elegance’’: that is chemical synthesis must be intellectually logical and technically truly efficient. Neither 100% atom economy nor 100% yields evaluate the efficiency of industrial processes. Consequently, the present review details the complete quantification of major Green Metrics parameter such as Reaction Mass Efficiency (RME), Atom Economy (AE) , Material Recovery Parameter (MRP), Stoichiometric Factor (SF) and Yield(Y) for well recognized and in some cases industrially applicable organic synthesis such as Suzuki cross coupling, Wittig reaction, Grignard reaction, Aldol condensation, Michael addition and Bachman rearmament under different scenarios .It also assesses the Environmental factors (E-factors) indicating the waste footprint per product formed. Finally, the Radial Pentagon comprising AE, RME, MRP, SF and Y is depicted and all together measures the efficiency of synthetic methods or processes. Moreover, the review details not only green processes but also alternative green products. This sustainability-based approach allows chemists to clearly assess whether or not chemical products or processes are sustainable or not.

Published Date: 2022-07-01; Received Date: 2022-05-30