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Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
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Indoor Air Pollution: The Case of Ozone in Three Regions in Greece

Dionysios Koulougliotis, Anastasios Kalimeris, Sotiria Potozi, Roxanne-Suzette Lorilla, Georgios Kefalas and Dimitrios Nikolopoulos

Ozone concentrations of indoor air were measured in dwellings in three areas of Greece, namely Athens, Salamina Island and Zakynthos Island. The measurements were conducted as a function of the following four parameters: the time during the day, the time period that the openings of a dwelling (windows, doors) remained closed, the degree of urbanization and the floor of the dwelling. The statistical analysis of the data showed that there was a strong dependence of the indoor ozone levels on the first three of the above mentioned parameters while this was not the case for the floor of the dwelling. The indoor versus outdoor ozone levels (I/O ratios) were calculated and their dependence on the same four experimental parameters was also examined.