Journal of Ergonomics

Journal of Ergonomics
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ISSN: 2165-7556


Improvement of the Sitting Position of the Computer Operator Using the Toes

Hiroji Tsujimura, Kazushi Taoda, Shin-ichi Sirahoshi and Teruyo Kitahara

Objective: The purpose of this study was to reduce the workload on the computer operator using the toes. Methods: A subject was a 22-years-old man with upper extremity impairments, who worked at a welfare work activity center. The actual duration of computer operation using the keyboard and touch-pad on the desktop was approximately four hours a day. The subject complained of low back pain and lower extremity fatigue at closing time. To alleviate physical load, the working environment was modified as follows. The installation position of the keyboard and touch-pad was moved to the floor. The computer monitor was moved up and close to the operator. A new monitor, a video camera and light aimed at the keyboard were set up for keyboard projection. The effect of this modification was evaluated by a posture analysis, a sitting pressure distribution, a surface electromyogram at the neck and low back, and subjective feelings of the physical load. Results: In accordance with the working environmental modifications, the posture, the sitting pressure distribution, the myoelectric potential, and the physical load of the user improved. Conclusion: Environmental modifications can improve pain and fatigue at closing time and the operability of the computer user.