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International Journal of Advancements in Technology
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Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm with Key Length of 256 Bits for Preventing Data Loss in an Organization

Isaac Kofi Nti, Eric Gymfi and Owusu Nyarko

Data and network security is one among the foremost necessary factors in today’s business world. In recent, businesses and firms like financial institutions, law firms, schools, health sectors, telecommunications, mining and a number of government agencies want a strategic security technique of managing its data. Organizations managing bigger monetary information, bio-data and alternative relevant info are losing its valuable information or data at rest, in usage or in motion to unauthorized parties or competitors as a result of activities of hackers. Organizations are losing millions of dollars as a result of unprotected data that gets into the hands of malicious persons. Data protection in an organization has become vital in today’s business. In order to possess secure information, this information should be protected in order that although malicious persons get access to the info, it becomes wealthless and useless to them. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), could be a scientific discipline rule that may be used for secured data and communication in an organization, it uses same key that's isobilateral key for transmission additionally as reception. The AES rule is capable of using cryptographic keys of 128, 192, and 256 bits, this paper implement AES block cipher of 256-bits and 256-bit key size, developed with C# as a front-end client machine and MS SQL used for the database as a back-end machine.