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Impacts of Qibla Bandi Dam on Cropping Pattern and Land Use of Mouza Malik Mala, District Attock, Pakistan

Rabih Azhar and Mian Luqman Hussain

The present study is an attempt to analyze the impacts of Qibla Bandi dam on landuse and cropping pattern of the selected Mouza1. Main objective of the study is to find out the new cropping pattern emerged after the construction of the dam. Site visits and detailed discussions with the people of the study area and officials of the line departments were made to get required information. The results of the study show that due to irrigation water from Qibla Bandi Dam, the yield per acre has increased. Now more preference is given to cash crops such as groundnut, mustard, maize, tobacco, sugarcane and vegetables. Some suitable measures are proposed for sustainable development of the study area.