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Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals
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Impact of Intestinal Parasites on Intensity of HIV Infection in Senegal

Babacar Faye, RC Tine, JL Ndiaye, C Kintega, NM Manga, PS Sow and O Gaye

A study on the prevalence of common intestinal parasitic diseases with a high carriage rate within the global population in Senegal was conducted among HIV-infected persons. A systematic parasitological stool test from 150 patients HIV infected showed a low carriage rate10.6% (16/150). The following parasites were isolated: Entamoeba coli 4% (6/150), Ascaris lumbricoides 2.6% (4/150) and Trichuris trichiura 1.3% (2/150). The 31-50 age group was the most affected one. The carriage rate stood at 93.3% among patients with a CD4 T-cell rate <500/ mm3, without any significant difference compared to intestinal parasite negative patients.