Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy

Pancreatic Disorders & Therapy
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ISSN: 2165-7092


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Pancreatic and Gastrointestinal Disease

Ichiro Hirai, Wataru Kimura, Toshihiro Watanabe, Koji Tezuka, Toshiyuki Moriya, Tsuyoshi Fukumoto, Hiroto Fujimoto, Akiko Takeshita, Shuichiro Sugawara, Shinji Okazaki, Masaomi Mizutani, Hideki Isobe and Osamu Hachiya

We report the results of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) for pancreatic and gastrointestinal disease. Thirty-nine patients received 100% oxygen at 2 atmospheres absolute pressure for 60 min. Results: In all four patients with liver abscess, feverishness subsided within 2.7 days after the start of HBO. All of three patients with infection after hepatic resection were relieved of systemic inflammatory response system (SIRS) and showed reduced CRP levels after HBO. In all of seven patients with acute appendicitis, pyrexia was relieved at 1.8 days after HBO introduction, and further surgery was not necessary. Among five patients with colorectal disease, HBO was effective in four, but ineffective in one. Five of six cases of infection after pancreatic resection were cured immediately after HBO. There were no complications such as middle ear inflammation, oxygen intoxication or pneumothorax. Conclusions: HBO is sometimes effective for treatment of refractory gastro enteric infections, especially those for which drainage is difficult. Pyrexia improved within 2.3 days after the start of HBO in most cases. If infection is refractory to standard antibiotics or drainage, HBO should be considered as an additional treatment. Since HBO is safe and generally cost-effective, it should be considered as an adjunct therapy for all gastro enteric infections.