Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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ISSN: 2167-7670


Hybrid Energy Source Management Composed of a Fuel Cell and Super- Capacitor for an Electric Vehicle

Boumediene Allaoua and Brahim Mebarki

Managing the power flow from a dedicated energy source to power the wheels of a motor propulsion system is important to ensure proper operation the displacement of an Electric Vehicle (EV). Is used for our energy source a hybrid system consisting of a Fuel Cell Proton Exchange Membrane (FCPEM) associated with a super-capacitor battery for high power applications connected through DC-DC converters associated with these sources. After a presentation of the architecture of hybrid energy source for our EV, two parallel-type configurations are explored in more detail. For each of them, from a control strategy for effective management of energy flows, validated simulation shows the performance obtained for the traction. The management of hybrid energy source in our VE is based primarily on the intervention of the super-capacitor battery in fugitives schemes such as slopes, speeding and rapid acceleration. Secondly, the steady state of the fuel cell intervenes only to ensure the propulsion system power in permanent regime. Finally, a case study considering energy management for an electric vehicle are presented, illustrating the benefits of hybrid energy sources in terms of EV range. The models can be applied to other vehicles and driving regimes.