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HIV-Positive Inflammatory Activity Monitoring Correlated to Peripheral Insulin Resistance - Hire Study

Henrique Pires Moreira, Débora Veras da Ponte, Ana Carolina dos Santos Araújo, André Pereira de Brito Neves, Rebecca Santos Souza, Lean de Sousa Oliveira, Gabriel Dantas Sarubbi, Bruno Almeida Sampaio, Laís Gomes Neves, Luita Almeida da Silveira, Samuell Silva Soares, Fabrício de Maicy Bezerra, Huylmer Lucena Chaves and Melissa Soares Medeiros

HIV-positive patients have an increased risk of hyperglycemia factors associated with inflammatory activity and antirretrovirals treatment, and this can directly impact in survival and life quality. This study proposed to evaluate impact and risk factors for insulin resistance in HIV patients. Total of 218 patients were included and we detected increase in glucose levels after HAART initiation (18.5% vs. 36.7%, p=0.0025). High fasting glucose levels were pointed as risk factor for symptomatic clinic during follow-up (RR=1.35; IC 95% 1,01-1,80; p=0.002), and higher monocyte/lymphocyte ratio was associated with hospitalization after treatment start (p=0.033).