Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics

Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
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ISSN: 2161-0398


Helicity and Wave Switching in a Nonlinear Model of DNA Dynamics

H. P. Ekobena Fouda, C. B. Tabi, S. Zdravkovic and T. C. Kofane

We have introduced helicity in the revised Hamiltonian in which the dipole-dipole interaction and dipoleinduced- dipole interaction have taken into account. The system has been shown to be govern by a set of coupled discrete sine- Gordon equations, which describe the bending and oscillations of the hydrogen bonds. The multiple scale expansion has been used and the stability of planar waves, solutions of the system, has been investigated. We have brought out the effect of discreteness and have shown that helicity brings about wave switching in the two-component DNA model under study.

PACS number(s): 87.14.gk, 05.45.Yv, 87.15.H.