Journal of Ergonomics

Journal of Ergonomics
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ISSN: 2165-7556


Hand-Arm Vibration Analysis of Demolition Hammers

Ramesh Babu T, Dinesh Karthik N and Vinoth D

Vibration is an inevitable phenomenon in machine tools. Human body can withstand certain threshold limit values (TLV) of vibration, above which it is injurious to health. This work is to study about the impact of vibration and various factors which contribute to vibration during demolition activity. Field study is conducted using demolition hammers and corresponding vibration intensities are measured using accelerometer sensors. The sensors are connected to vibrometer which measures response in units of frequency-weighted vibration (m/s2). Statistical analysis is carried out using l9 orthogonal array technique with four factors as handling time, tool position, age of worker and tool characteristics (low duty, medium duty and high duty). Percentage contribution of vibration is analyzed for each factor. Among them tool characteristics and tool usage time contributes nearly to forty-six and thirty-one percentage respectively. The study is conducted infield lab built of concrete material and the recorded vibration intensities are analyzed using Minitab software.