Gut Microbiome: A Guide through ???The Nuts and Bolts??? for Early Researchers | Abstract

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Gut Microbiome: A Guide through ???The Nuts and Bolts??? for Early Researchers

Ousman Bajinka*, Yurong Tan, Lucette Simbilyabo

Introduction: The popular definition is the collection of trillions of microbes that inhabit the human gut and these are called microbiota or microbiome. A paradigm shift is emerging since biomedical researchers are considering the power of intestinal microbes into human health care interventions. Hence there is a need to demystify the new born research cohort to the early scientists and researchers. This review dwelled on the intimate connections existing between microbiota and the body metabolisms, the immune system and the central nervous system that is given the name gut brain axis. Results: From the recollection of the emerging studies, the roles of microbes as fundamental to human health are winning an upper hand and this new born field is shifting the attention of researchers to functional medicinal approach. Discussion: However, scientists are still faced with more questions than answers as to what is a normal gut microbiome, are the variation in diversity is a result of metabolic disorders and autoimmune diseases or causative factors? The consensus is that, the greater the diversity in the microbial composition, the healthier the individual and vice-verse. Conclusion: With Probiotics and Prebiotics, the intervention of personalized diet, fecal transplanting and a scientific study of nutrition, there is a big hope that how the microbes shaped our gut, will shape human health in the near future.

Published Date: 2020-03-02; Received Date: 2020-02-10